"Two ordinary girls in an extraordinary world" 
We are vessels for the depth of thought that comes from everywhere and finds its way onto a blog post which becomes something beautiful.
Writing is what we were born to do and through our little space on the Internet, we hope that we can connect with people out there through our thoughts, dreams and adventures.
Welcome to a crazy ride.


15. Big City Life. Mostly about old indie-rock, rock music and writing.
A shit load of grunge, lace up boots and ripped jeans.
Dreaming about a closet filled with mainly Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham and Hot Topic, of course. 


16. Country and City go hand in hand. Music is a savior and writing is my life.
Obsesed with sweatpants and unused notebooks and dreaming about a streamer trunk covered with stamps from all over the globe.

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Thank you,
Zoha and Fatima.

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