Saturday, August 23, 2014

Love, Zoha Ahmed-Life, Love and Everything Else

Isn't the simple look of my header just amazing?

Trying to get into the world of Tumblr an year ago looked extremely easy. My blog being just a simple everyday account with loads of fan girling and teenage girl things. Soon enough I figured, it was getting me no where. Not only did I not enjoy the the Tumblr's site construction but the whole idea of using Tumblr seemed ridiculous. Tumblr got boring only in the first week that I started using it and my blog was soon enough abandoned as I focused on other things like Fashionaholic. But lately while going through a bunch of scattered images on a blog about inspirational quotes, I was extremely impressed by the quotes only to find out that the source of all these was Tumblr. I soon enough decided that I needed a Tumblr.

                      This post is dedicated to my new Tumblr and no, I'm not abandoning this blog (its still my baby). This Tumblr; Love, Zoha Ahmed is just a small space of everyday things, loads of inspiration, photography, love, fun, relaxation, tons of music with loads of love from me! Its just a place to feel good after a particularly long day at work or at the so called evilness that is school. Its just a small thing that I'll be doing. Hope all you can get loads of daily inspiration from it. Plus its just me working on the Tumblr blog, Fatima's not in it. So come along, visit it here and follow it! And I'll see you there.

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