Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Welcome to Our New Blog

          It's finally here! And we are so excited to share this new perspective of blogging with you. This is transition that we've been meaning to make for months and we're finally done editing out this blog. To be honest, this blog took way more work than we have thought and especially with Fatima going to the US for the summer made Zoha's work way more but we'll give you more details about that later.

                    We are just so excited to start blogging here. Blogging has been a incredible aspect of our lives that we weren't ready to quit it. Firstly we'd like to thank our amazing readers on our old blog that have stuck with us through thick and thin and of course you lovely new guys who are currently reading our blog.
           We are two highschool girls, best friends, direction and bloggers and you can read more about us here. Honestly, we don't know where to begin. If you guys are interested in knowing about why we made this switch of blogs and why we changed from fashion and beauty to fashion lifestyle, click here to read the introductory post on our old blog that explains more than required honestly and if you guys still have questions, we'd love to answer them in the comment section down below or email Zoha at
           Firstly, as we promised this blog was supposed to go live at the start of last week or at the end of the week before that but Zoha encountered some issues with the blog. Firstly, she couldn't get the social media icons up (honestly guys, they were hell) and secondly the about us installation had a bit of a problem and it took a while to create a new code for that. Along with all this, we started editing out the blog much later than we wanted to because we both were very busy and especially with her trip to the US on her head, it seemed impossible to find time from last minute goodbyes and the stuffing of a random t-shirt in her bag. There were still things to be done, the social media pages weren't all made and well, it took way more time than we expected.
               But we are done now and we can't wait to share our perspective of Fashion Lifestyle with you. Plus the thing that we are beyond excited about that is Free Advertising and Collaborations and many bloggers would find this wrong but we are indeed hosting free advertising and free collaborations and we have a wide range of things to select from that you can click here to find out about. All requests should be emailed to and she'll try to reply within 24 hours.Plus we are available for trend lineups with all kinds of bloggers, big and small and would love to work with you. If you still can't find what you require, don't hesitate to contact us on and I'm sure we can work something out.
               Now if all of our social media pages are linked on the side bar, our contact page is here and policy page here.

Thank you once again for inviting us to this great experience and always being so supportive. We love you to the moon and back.
Zoha and Fatima xoxo.


  1. Good luck with the new blog, ladies:) Lookin good....

  2. well done! x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you tons Anika! The layout was a bit of a pain to finally set up :) xx

  4. Best of luck great layout.

  5. Hey, I just visited your new blog! I would be so happy if we support each other on GFC, Facebook and Instagram! Just let me know when you do so!

    Blog | Facebook Page | Bloglovin | Instagram

    1. Thank you. Followed you via GFC and also liked your Facebook page. Hopefully you can do the same. xx

  6. Congrats on the new blog girls! Can't wait to see more posts!
    Keep in touch

    1. Thank you so much June! We can't wait to get into a proper blogging flow too. xx

  7. Congrats on the new blog!!

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    post comments or reviews... Me will be very nice :)


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