Sunday, July 20, 2014

Trend Lineup w/ The Fashion Stir Fry: Girl's Night Out

What better way to start the blog's proper posting sessions with an awesome collaboration? So I decided to contact the gorgeous blogger of The Fashion Stir Fry, Busola Coutts. We decided on doing a trend lineup with theme "Girls Night Out", which I believe is such a good theme in terms of styling, experimenting and then shooting pictures. So all three of us were set on doing it.

                        Personally I think that all of us styled this look in completely different ways and that's exactly what made this even more interesting to share with you guys. Busola styled this look in a more sophisticated, feminine and elegant. My look was a more crazy, wild and completely informal type of girls night out outfit that would go well for a movie, maybe a party; a comfortable yet stylish look and Fatima's look a more sweet and girly girls night out outfit perfect for shopping with your girls.
Here what I'm wearing:
Shirt-H&M// Jeans-M&S// Shoes-DSW// Chain-Macys//
My look is great for a movie and a dinner, maybe an informal party or a hangout. It would be great for some night time shopping too.
Adding curls to my look was a game changer.
                  A girls night out trend lineup was honestly such a great idea, you can't really be that versatile with trends other than ones similar to this. If you're going out with your Bff's and are confused on what to wear, use reference from our looks. It totally depends on what kind of night your planning, are you going out for a movie or a dinner? Or maybe both? If you're going out for both, the look completely changes rather than just a movie or just a dinner. Focus on where you're going and who you're going with, that really helps you find the perfect look. Try to mix and match different patterns and aim for different, don't always focus on what's in fashion. Being unique really helps you shine.
                    (Sorry for no pictures from Fatima's side, I believe she didn't have any so I decided to share my look with you)
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  1. lovely outfits x

  2. Love your hair :)
    nice job here girls!
    xoxo, C.

  3. You girls look amazing. Beautiful outfits :)


    1. You're welcome sweetheart. Yes it's fun to blog together but we also fight a lot about the blog :D

    2. It's completely natural. We're a blogging duo too and we fight occasionally. Everybody has their own ideas you see.

  4. It just goes to show how many different interpretations there are with regards to a girls night out… you look comfy casual!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

    1. Right?! You can do so much with that theme. Thank you so much Alexis. xx


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