Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blog Talk: Are you starting your blog right?


     So here's your situation, you're a strong willed person who's very keen on discovering his/her passion through a blog. You're very interested in a particular topic and you're sure that by having access to a social network such as a blog would help you grow and share you're particular passion let that be beauty, fashion, lifestyle, style, decor, food or anything else. Ignoring the constant nitter natter from other people on how hard they find to maintain social networks and its a hard job going along with a blog when you've got 30 hour/week job or you're students at a uni that stresses you but no, you're sure that creating a blog would just help you unwind and help you create a mental peace with yourself. So you're all set, you're ambitious, you're blog's idea is original and innovative and you're sure this blog is going to be a huge success.
                     So you've logged in with your Google account to blogger and you're currently in the process of making a new blog. You choose a simple template and start typing down you're first post without worrying about things like visual appeal or social networking (Facebook, Twitter etc) and pages such as contact and about us. So yeah right then you might not realize but you're starting you're blog in the very wrong manner.
                Being a blogger who has blogged on three different blogs from Groovy Makeup to Fashionaholic and now Zoe and Tima, I haven't started my first 2 blogs the right way. Then a question pops into your mind, what is the right way? Is there even a right way? And I answer, but of course.

                          There's ways to starting your blog right. When we started blogging on Groovy Makeup it was just for fun, we didn't really care about what we were doing but then things started to get serious and turned to Fashionaholic, everything was fine at first but then we started to get more professional, realized what the fashion blogging world was. How it worked. Things started to really mess us up. Our blog was not right. It wasn't visually appealing. Our way of writing wasn't right. We hardly had any social media and heck, our header wasn't appealing either.
                 So here's a compiled list of things you need to be focusing on:
-Visual appeal, get your header and template set up. We suggest you get a simple template and add a background picture and create a header on Canva or if you're not happy with a simple template, grab a cute little template from Shabby Blogs and then create a header and pop it on.

-Social Media is going to help you big time with getting you're blog known. You must have a Facebook page, a twitter and a Bloglovin' for your blog. The other things come afterwards.

-Be organized. Have your contact page with all the necessary email addresses and have all your social media linked to your blog. Have all your pages aligned. Edit them out. Read them through before publishing them.

-About us. Your readers need to know who's blogging behind the screen so always have an about me or about us no matter how brief it is.

-Collaborate with bloggers and people who just as interested and passionate about the particular topic as you are. It helps grow your blog and experience.

-Read. Read other blogs genuinely, not for advertising your blog. For inspiration. For idea. For experience.

-Blog occasionally. Not too much but at least twice a week.

-Be sure about yourself. Know what you're talking about. Know your posts inside out. Your content is your weapon.

                  Is there a right way of starting your blog?

                                   Still have questions? Want help with getting your blog set up? I'd love to help out, go ahead and email me at or tweet me at @zohahmed_. I'd love to talk to you about anything and everything honestly.


  1. I am so glad you stopped by my blog otherwise i may not have found yours and this post!
    This post has really got me thinking. I work full time and i am also a student going into my third year of my degree, so my blog is literally that, the place where i go to unwind and escape from everything. It's that little place where i don't have to think of anything else and just get swallowed up into something relaxes me, by reading other peoples blog posts or blogging on my own.
    Also, i am not such a creative person, so setting up the whole blog (doing the headers and buttons) really stressed me out and i felt so frustrated with it all, that when i got to the point where i thought "oh yeah, that looks half decent" i took it and ran!
    These are really good tips and i will be definitely taking them on board!

    1. I totally agree with you. Being students, your blog really helps you unwind and just takes you a little bit away from your busy and hectic life. It really helps you and I'm glad that I started blogging because I don't know where I would be without it. I'm really really glad that my blog post helped you :) It literally means so much to me that I helped somebody along their blogging path, whether it was just starting or someone was way into it. You have all the time for doing things and fixing up your blogging journey no matter where you are. Thank you so much Katie. xx

  2. Zoha very interesting post,nice reading
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    would you like to pass from my blog?

    1. Thank you! I would love to comment on your blog. xx

  3. A lovely post, full of great tips and ideas for bloggers all over the world :) Fantastic! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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