Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Life Disorder

For the month that we have been away from the blog; I (Zoha) have done some major thinking regarding the blog, the content and everything that our blogging life has started out to be and what it has become. It is a sort of useless, mainstream, overused excuse when I say "I was busy with other things" and remark that as the reason behind my absence on the blog. It would fit as an excuse because it is true but it isn't the only reason so my excuse if not entirely complete.
Over the past month or two (I haven't checked) that I have absent from this site, I would say that I have been suffering from a "Life Disorder". 

I wouldn't quiet include Fatima in this excuse as to her blogging has an entirely different meaning so ask her where she has been, we haven't discussed the blog in the longest time.
But carrying on with the Life Disorder, my life has entirely changed now that I have entered my first year of Highschool. It has changed when I say I don't have time for things, it has changed that my day is planned right down to the last minute (I swear), it has changed that my academic life is finally getting serious thought is sinking in, it has changed that a few scenarios in and out of school have taught me a few lessons.
My life is in a major disorder, in a good way and in a bad way. Yes it has gotten hectic but it has certainly changed my thoughts in and out outside the blog.
But the blog is what we're interested in so..
I have thought about the blog. For the month or two that I haven't blogged; I've realized how unhappy I am with every other post that I write, I feel as if I'm providing the same old mainstream, overused content that 7 hundred other crappy blogs are providing. I feel as if I don't have anything different to provide then what's the use of blogging? What's the use of blogging when I can't even indulge my readers in my content? I'm not here for a few comments and some non genuine reads.
I would call all of this as part of the mental life disorder that I'm suffering, more of less. It is a great contribution to the burden everything has felt lately.
But I I to keep going on? With the blog? With the idea? With the content?
And I said YES.
I will but differently ..
From now on I will write about things that excite me, baffle me and things that I feel like are meant to be read instead of things that nobody cares about.
Maybe I've lost direction or found one, I really don't know but right now I feel like even if I don't have a clear view of where I'm headed, I do have a slightly blurry one and that's enough to pull me through until I create the entire picture.

Along with all of this bafflement, we do have some Big News as a blog and as individuals bloggers so that is something that we are currently working on. An idea under construction perhaps. An idea that we will execute and you guys will eventually but surely love it. That is something that we will share with you guys soon (or in the coming future for some of you).

Until then, let's try to clear up the disorder and work towards creating the picture.

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