Friday, May 22, 2015

The Blogging Mood

I returned home after a quite stressful day due to History final which I assure you despite having a very long course to cover in the provided amount of time; I absolutely bombed! I lodged around my house, snacking around on items like apples and chocolate cake whilst watching random things on the TV.

Finally, I decided to step into the shower although jumping into the shower was typically the first and foremost things I do the second I get home but the fact that today was Friday and I had no final tomorrow and the fact that I was so tired due to waking up at 6 am this morning, I decided the delay it. Once I did step into the shower, I was oddly and suddenly reminded of the ole' blogging days. I couldn't help but smile slightly as I thought back to all those days which I had spend typing out posts only to end up discarding them, reading an insane number of fashion blogs, checking out absolutely amazing blogging networks and learning big things from small details on other people's blog. 

Nostalgia. That's what I could like to name it. It felt good. It felt foreign all the same. Weird and sort of exciting at the same time. It had been a while since I felt this way and it felt different and like a new sort of emotion. 


And thinking about all of this made me want to come back to the blogging world which I had so well promised in my last post that I would be back soon but despite everything, I had lost enthusiasm with the blog. It didn't feel interesting and even when it did, I was completely drained of ideas and I would never ever want to put up posts that I did not put up with interest and devotion and since that was exactly what I lacked; I held back. 

This blog seemed like a slowly sinking boat to me despite my last post in which I was so optimistic about blogging. In which I shamelessly claimed how I had changed and evolved. 

I miss blogging. Dear lord, do I. It's been an amazing experience and although there's so much more to give out to the blogging world, I still love what I have yet come to experience despite my many failure and downfalls. 

So slowly, this day turned my mood around. I felt like blogging. I felt coming here and pouring myself into a post as I am now. I wanted to put forth something to let you guys know that I am alive and that this is going to be a good journey although it seems to be taking a lot of time to set sail. I apologize for that but writers block and so many other emotions did not treat me fairly so I suppose, I am not to blame? 

Blogging moods. Again it seems very foreign to me despite having blogged for years. I went through one today. I haven't felt that in a long time so it feels amazing experiencing it. 

You know what I have come to love about blogging? This. One of my favorite things about blogging is definitely these moods. They're creative and positive and that is something I believe everyone enjoys. 

I love so many things about blogging. Gah. 

I love writing and sharing things with other people. The main aspect about blogging is getting to do that but I feel like so many people don't even think that way anymore but that is to discussed in detail in a post I am working on. Writing is one of favorite favorite favorite things. It's inspirational. It's fun. It's life changing. It's everything and so much more that so many bloggers haven't even experienced yet. 

Secondly, I love the fact that it can be an escape for people. Despite the fact that I have not come across many stories where blogging proved to be an escape but the ones I have come across have changed my overview on life in general. There's so much more to whole idea of typing up a post than most people think. 

Thirdly, I love how hard it can make you work. How much attention and dedication it requires that is often hard to be provided but yet blogging keeps you hooked to it where you spend hours glued to your computer trying to figure out the perfect dimensions to your header but fail anyway but let me clarify, it's not a failure that's the interesting part, it's the work put into it. You may succeed. Trust me, hard work pays off. I know. I've experienced it and despite the fact that my best friend and I had a long conversation on how she disagreed with the fact that hard work is going to get you somewhere every single time, I still disagree with this statement. So what if you fail despite having worked hard? Does that mean that was a total failure without a single gain? I really advise you to think again then. 

Fourthly, I love how much a person can dedicate himself/herself to a blog. Literally. It is just HTML. Nothing more than that is a lot more and I think all of us agree. Dedication, commitment, hard work. I have never ever realized how important these three words are. How much they can absolutely make or break you. Think on it.

Blogging is a great world but at the same time it does have its cons which have really pushed me to quit on blogging but I cannot give up like that now can I?

I cannot give up on something that I have come to love so much. 

Dedication is going to get me there and trust me, it's going to get you there as well. Wherever, there is anyway.

Zoha x

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