Thursday, August 13, 2015

Alternative Bloggers @alt_bloggers

This week I, Zoha and four other absolutely amazing bloggers teamed together to finally introduce Alternative Bloggers, A Twitter Blogging Network that we formed to bring something new to the blogging industry/world. 

Throughout the month of June, I had an idea of a blogging network swirling inside my head but not entirely coming together to make enough sense for me to actually put action to it. Eventually I realized, I had to find somebody to help me form this so I reached out to the brilliant Sarah, a blogger whose blog I had been an avid reader of since a couple of years. To my luck, she was more than willing to help me out. We collectively decided to reach out to a couple of other bloggers to join our little team. I reached out to the gorgeous, Lucy whereas Sarah emailed the awesome Emma and Beth

So, our team was set. 

Comprising of me (Zoha), Sarah, Lucy, Emma and Beth.

The first step was to find a name, upon majority vote, we selected the name "Alternative Bloggers" which was suggested by Emma. Sarah helped create the amazing, minimalist displays on the network and I wrote the bio. Thus, after months of back and forth; we were set to begin. 

But what do we really do? 

What is our aim?

It's simple and it's something I explained to Sarah in the first email I sent to her. To connect bloggers.

Our network is currently on Twitter which was my initial idea. It's such a versatile network and there's so much that one can do with it. We want to connect and support bloggers that don't really fit under one category/niche. We want to put forth creative, expressive content in front of other bloggers. We want to support them. We want to share wonderful blogs with other bloggers. We want to bring original, fresh and contemporary ideas to the blogging industry. We want to connect through blogging chats and so many more ways which we are yet to reveal. 

How can you contribute to the network?

 Come over and say Hello, here. Tag us in a post written by you which you feel worthy of putting forth in front of a large audience. Send us a DM or an email if you want to collaborate in anyway possible. Come join in on our blogging chats. Have a topic you want to discuss? DM us and we'll have one member of our lovely team to help you write it and put forth in front of the right kind of people. Have any questions? Then tweet any member of our team or tweet on the network. 

This is of course the beginning of our network. Like everything, it will start small and hopefully grow into a large network helping and connecting a large community of bloggers.There's so many ideas that we have and we can't wait to put them to action so come over and give us a follow and join in on the whirlwind.

Zoha x  


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