Saturday, June 20, 2015

Made By Riley - Giving back is the new Black

source - made by riley
Riley Uggla, a young and ambitious former reality TV star has launched a project with hopes to give back to the less fortunate. With a powerful message and a hope to give to those who are not as lucky as we are, Riley aged 20 launched Made By Riley-a charitable fashion brand that donates a percentage of every product sold to selected charities.
Riley's parents moved to England when she was just a toddler, she studied fashion and quickly decided to launch her own label.Growing in a favourable environment, Riley wanted to give back to those who were in need. Made by Riley is defined as fashion with a conscience. Merging Riley's two passion - fashion and philanthropy gave birth to Made by Riley. The high quality and contemporary t-shirt and sweater range appeals to both men and women

source - made by riley
With a sleek, very well managed and designed website, Riley designs the products sold with the help of her team of course. The products are designed and created in Britain with a percentage of proceeds from each going towards one of their handpicked charities, including Human Rights Watch, Action Aid, Zamcog and Maggie's Centers.Twenty percent of the profit is donated to one of these amazing charities which are working towards a great cause! Each item donates to a different charity, for example the the no rain no rainbow t-shirt donates to Maggie's whereas the Original Triangle White t-shirt donates to Zamcog
They are also proud to announce that they will be launching in SAKS USA very soon, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

I wish Riley and her brand the very best of luck for the future for they are working towards a great cause with a lot of passion which I not only respect but support. The presence of such minds and such a kind hearted soul can ensure that many people around the world that are not as facilitated as we are are provided with the resources they need.  


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