Saturday, October 3, 2015

In search of creativity


Oh my, it's been a while. From fixing up my schedule at school to working out and catching up on TV shows, all that and balancing my social and family life; I would not disagree if you said that I had indeed put the blog on a back burner. 

This whirlwind of events and daily tasks left me drained of energy and time to devote to a blog that so very much needed some curative energy, content, people to read it's posts. It's been so long since we've been blogging regularly, sometimes I forget I'm a blogger and when I go remember, I hate myself for even for a millisecond forgetting that I am one. 

Blogging has been fucked up for me and for Fatima as well. There's so much we want to do in terms with this blog, so many things we want to write, so many people we want to reach and yet that's exactly what we're giving the least time to but despite everything, we have little motivation to even attempt to work on these things. Despite over 50 to hundreds of reads on our posts, we have been unable to receive even a single comment. 

And that is even more fucking annoying. 

If you read a post, you should comment unless it sucks beyond belief and I know for sure that our posts in no way suck. They're the best that we've ever put up. Nobody deserves this yet we are getting exactly this when we least need this. 

Things blog-wise are difficult enough without anyone being there to motivate us to move on. Even an non genuine comment like great post, please follow me on bloglovin etc etc would have been better than this void space that this blog is experiencing. 

I've never wanted to blog more and less at the same time. There's so much I want to say but there's no use when there's no one to hear what I have to say. Fatima got over a fifty reads on her last post and was up for over a month before she got barely three-four comments. Despite the fact that yes, we did get comments; we had one blog posts hoarding our blog for over a month, no new content, nothing refreshing to talk about, no professionalism.

Emma Gannon, once wrote in her post:

Call creativity what you want. Call it hobby, call it job, call it a calling but to me it’s a lifestyle that is crucial to who I am as a human-being, and what makes me feel like I’m actually living as opposed to just dragging myself around. Creativity and the art of writing, photography, making, communicating isn’t something anyone can ever take away from you. It’s a life that you have to go and get. The more you put out there, the more that will come back to you.
Creativity is physical matter for me. It's a part of me and for it to not inhabit my body and my work for so long was draining me.

I could feel the creativity slipping from underneath my fingers, from the tip of my tongue. All the effort I had put into rejuvenating and re-defining the blog was slowly making no sense if there was nothing we had to share in that aspect. What was the use of that huge post we had written when there was nothing similar to follow?

I have so many ideas for what I want to write about yet when I come here to type them, they make no sense. I have no grasp on my content anymore. No idea how to sculpt my posts.

At the same time, the blog lacked professionalism, a stable audience, curative content and so much more which I KNOW I can put out yet I am unable to.

Disappointing. Very fucking disappointing.

So here begins the search for creativity. Not that kind of creativity that a bloggers in writer's block requires. The kind of creativity which I know I have inside me, I just need to find it.

So, I'm currently on a hunt for creativity. I'm doing anything to get the curative energy flowing.

But I need your help at the same time.

If you're reading this, help this poor old writer out.

How do you find creativity? How do you find inspiration to produce the content you want to produce? What helps you write? What helps you write a comprehensive and whole post?

What is creativity to you?

Write me something. Email me. Tweet me. Provide me with inspiration is all I'm asking for.
Help me restore a bit of my soul.

Zoha x 

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