Monday, January 18, 2016

15 Things I Learned in Twenty-Fifteen


Here are fifteen things that I realized in the year twenty fifteen.

 1.Friends come and go. All the time. Your squad eventually breaks up and a new one begins. Cherish every friendship and always keep that one best friend by your side.

    2.Detaching yourself from the internet and your mobile phone every once in a while contribute to your sanity and health.

3.Good grades aren’t the only route that is going to lead to success. Dream big and always always be optimistic about your future.

  4.Find out what your passion is. What your spike is. What your talent is. That’s where you are going to genuinely excel as well as love every single fucking second of it.

 5.Don’t let jobs labeled as ‘practical and promising’ stop you from chasing something more fun and creative, if forming an underground band is your passion as you stumble from bar to bar to score gigs then own it and live that way if it makes you happy.

   6.Enjoy life a little more than you always do. Laugh at every lame joke because you want to smile and be happy. Stop taking things too seriously.

 7.Adapt to situations and even when you feel like you can’t-tell yourself that you can. Nothing is certain in life and life is going to give you a hard time because it’s destined to do that but what matters is how you act during that hard time and in what state you come out of it.

   8.Nobody is better or less than you are. Nobody is more beautiful and/or has a better body. Learn to love every flaw and own it. Don’t consider your flaws ‘flaws’ unless you’re a shitty person then that is a major flaw.

 9.Corresponding to the previous point, love yourself. You are all you have. If you’re gaining weight or if you’re losing it. If you have scraped knees or scars on your body-love every single one those things because they are a part of you and they make you ‎‎you’. There’s only one of you in the entire world-take pride in that.

  10.Motivate yourself constantly. Be your own coach. Give your high fives and pep talks. Drive yourself and push yourself when you need to.

   11.Don’t lose hope. It all gets better because you will eventually adapt to the situation as it’s in a humans nature to adapt and accept. Things will get hard and at one point, at one fucking point they will begin to get better. Play the biggest role in making your life better.

   12.Give little importance to what other people think. Wear pajamas out in public when you don’t feel like changing. Chew your nails in front of people when you’re nervous. Dress for yourself and yourself only.

 13.Change for no boy or girl. If you feel like this certain personality is contributing to your positive attitude and life, never change. Don’t chase boys or girls that aren’t worth your time, money or energy and they don’t even deserve you. Love yourself more than shitty relationships.

   14.Be thankful. Be so fucking thankful even if you lost your job, your partner left you, somebody’s giving you a hard time because someone out there has it so much worse than you do. One day when all that you had gets snatched away too whilst you were blaming others and/or God for your loss, you will realize how good you had it. How you had practically everything you ever needed compared to now. Thank everyone. Thank yourself. Absorb every blessing and treat it as if nothing could be better. Take a few moments out and literally cry in happiness for how much you have and how there are so many things you have to be thankful for.

  15.Get your priorities straight. Once you know how you’re supposed to live, the kind of people you should be mixing with and what is important and what’s not-you’ll finally start living and everything will seem better from that point on. Small things will not bother you. Money or wealth or a person’s looks won’t be the first thing you notice. You will know how to live and won’t just be breathing, you’ll be alive. This was the biggest lesson for me in 2015. You think you know what you’re doing but until you really analyze your life and what you’re doing, you find out how wrong you’ve had it. How you should’ve considered certain things differently, treated people differently, lived differently. Find out what’s really important and what really matters.

You only get one life and you will only be one person so love yourself. 

-Z O H A-


  1. I love this post. I agree with everything. Particularly about being grateful. I am always so grateful for everyone and everything I have in my life. Even when something isn't going too good, I know that I am still very lucky. Wishing you well for the year ahead.

    Sarah's Abode -xx

    1. I am so glad that you are because it is so so important and you really cannot be happy without being content with what you have. Thank you x
      -Zoha x

  2. Love this, agree with everything! You should always do what you want to do and if you work hard enough you can do anything! The right people will be around you when you are you! Love yourself and accept yourself for what you are! But also if you're unhappy/depressed that is NOT your fault!

    Filippa | Always a Dot

    1. Exactly! Thank you so much for taking the time to read.
      -Zoha x

  3. Wow this is a fab post, so well written and captivating.
    My favourite part is that it makes you out life into perspective and appreciate what you've got and how lucky you are right now.
    Thanks for an uplifting and positive read.

    KT xo.

    1. Aww! You're welcome and thank you so much for reading.
      -Zoha x

  4. Hey love

    It us the first time visiting your blog and I really love it!

    Great content and nice pics!

    I have some ideas for collaboration between our blogs!

    Please take a look at my blog FASHIONRAILWAYS.COM and let

    me know if you are interested ;)


    1. Thank you. I'll pop you an email real soon.
      -Zoha x

  5. These are all such brilliant and insightful realisations - I agree with you on many of them, particularly that friends will come and go and that finding your passions is so important :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Exactly! This year was really very insightful for me. Thank you so much.
      -Zoha x

  6. I learned #1 last year too! Thank you for sharing the things you learned last year. Here's to more learning and growing this year :)

    be the plebeian


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